CIIBAT HTPC casing with iMON VFD for mini-ITX

HTPC Front
HTPC inside
HTPC back
HTPC Silver

Use this casing to build your dream HTPC to use in your living room for the ultimate multimedia and computing experience.

What is included?

  1. HTPC casing with iMON VFD front display

Note: No PSU or PSU mounting screw holes for this casing. This casing was designed for motherboard that uses a DC adapter (similar to laptop's). Casing available in Silver or Black colour. Unless you make a specific choice which may or may not have immediate stock, we will sent you a unit with random colour.

(Please see our other items if you require HTPC motherboard/cpu or complete system.)

Price and quantity negotiable for bulk purchase.
(exact price to be confirmed for bulk order)

Why is this a great value HTPC casing?

  • Similar HTPC casing will cost you ~AU$650 including delivery elsewhere.

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Casing Specifications

Card readerBuild-in 4 slot card reader
  1. MS/Pro/Duo
  2. MMC/SD
  3. CF/Microdrive
  4. SM
Side I/O Connector4 slot card reader
1x Microphone
1x headphone
1x USB 2.0
1x Power LED
Front panel1x Power on/off switch
1x Reset switch
1x LED display
1x iMON VFD front display and IR remote receiver
Internal bays1x optical drive
2x 3.5" hard disk
2x 2.5" hard disk
Gross Weight6.3kg
Dimension410x350x135 mm (L x W x H)
Warranty3 months

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

iMON VFD front display

VFD stands for Vacuum Fluorescent Display and has brilliant display and high readability.

The iMON VFD installed on this HTPC's VFD display can display 16*2 characters. Using the iMON manger application, you can choose to either display one of these information or automatically cycle through one, several or all of them. You can also customize the contents for each information using the iMON manager, e.g. you can use the RSS feed of your favourite news site for the Daily News and configure your pop3/IMAP e-mail account to be checked at specified intervals.

  1. iMON Remote Control Message
  2. System Information
  3. Media Information
  4. Email Check
  5. Daily News
  6. City Information, i.e. Date/Time and Weather
  7. Graphical Equalizer

You can install your own infra MCE remote and receiver to use this HTPC to enhance your experience. MCE remote may be included for a fee or you can purchase one from Ebay.

See the screenshots below for examples of how the VFD will look like. For additional information on the iMON VFD display and IR receiver, please visit the web page or download the user manual in the download link below.

System Information

Media Information

Email Check

Daily News

City Information, i.e. Date/Time and Weather

Graphical Equalizer

CIIBAT HTPC Drivers Download and Information

ItemMain DownloadMirror
Motherboard DriversDownload the latest driver from Nvidia, select ION (desktop), the driver you need and your operating system
WIFI and Bluetooth driver (Broadcom BCM43xx)US server

For iMON VFD front display and Infra (IR) remote receiver:
iMON Manager Version 8.12.1202

Supported OS: Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (x86, x64), Windows7 (x86, x64)

Note: to activate the VFD front panel display, you must download and install this driver.

US serveriMON server
For iMON Manager VFD front display and Infra (IR) remote receiver user manualUS serveriMON server
If you are using Ubuntu (linux) as your OS and using XBMC as your media center application. Please read this guide on how to install your own copy of Ubuntu and XBMC, along with the required nvidia display driver to enable 1080p hardware video decoding, hardware graphics/gpu acceleration as well as to enable the iMON VFD display panel.Ubuntu and XBMC installation guide for CIIBAT HTPC

Shipping information

Limited stock available in our Melbourne and Auckland office for pick-up. Please contact us to check if we have stock for immediate pick-up. If stock not available in our office and you would like to pick-up, you will be need to pay deposit or in full in advance and then wait for the item to arrive our local office from our overseas warehouse.

All casings will be shipped from our local office to you, i.e. either from Melbourne or Auckland office. Depending on stock availability, you may need to wait up to 2 months before item is delivered. The casing is available in both black or silver, you may choose your desired colour or we will ship you one with randomly colour.

Price listed here includes shipping within New Zealand and Australia.

International shipping is possible by sea (cheaper, ~US$20) or air courier (expensive, ~US$80). Please ask to confirm shipping cost.

Price: NZ$120.00