Gargoyle router features


  • Monitor Bandwidth usage for every devices connected on your network in real-time
  • Records and log the usage of every devices on your network, view by months, days, hours, quarter hour, minutes
  • View pie chart bandwidth usage distribution by months, days, hours, quarter hours, minutes
  • Log web sites address and web search performed by devices on your network
  • Monitor WIFI connection speed and signal of all devices on your network


  • Set quota limit for specific device on your network at specific time of the day
  • Cut off internet access or throttle bandwidth when quota is reached
  • Limit access to specific web site/IP address/Port/Protocol (TCP/UDP/application) for specific device at specific time of the day
  • Set the maximum number of connections allowed
  • Automatically disable/enable Access Point at specific time of the day


  • Prioritize bandwidth for specific device/web site/IP address/Port/Protocol (TCP/UDP/application) using QoS
  • Separate set of QoS priority for uploads and downloads
  • Active congestion control for download bandwidth to optimize download speed


  • PPPoE/USB 3G support
  • Wireless bridge/repeater/extender/on-off scheduling
  • Guest Wi-Fi network
  • OpenVPN server/client
  • SSH server/tunnel client
  • Tor server/client support
  • Dynamic DNS client
  • Wake on LAN
  • Ping watchdog
  • Remote web/SSH access
  • Automatically acquire time from online server
  • Several themes (user interface) to select from
  • ftp/smb/nfs server
  • Usb printer support
  • Backup/restore configurations
  • Schedule daily/weekly/monthly reboot
  • Can install and run applications from Openwrt
  • automatic failover between WAN and 3G
  • Multi-language web interface, including Arabic, English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
  • DNS Adblocking