Solar panel battery (6750mAh)

Solar panel battery

Connect this solar panel battery to your solar panel to build your own solar powered battery pack, so that you can power your USB (5V) powered devices by the sun at locations without mains power, e.g. for remote monitoring, time lapse photography, etc.


  • 3x 2250mAh lithium cell inside the box
  • Output: Standard USB port, 5V, 500-800mA
  • Input: (1) solar panel (0.9V-5V), (2) 5V 3.5mm DC adapter.
  • Conversion efficiency: 88% max
  • Battery level indicator: 0-60% (red), 60-80% (orange), 85-100% (green)
  • Includes lithium battery protection circuit

Note: box unsealed, so that you can modify the circuit or battery as required.

SKU: solar_battery
Price: NZ$99.99